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Squiddle Ink

Fishing For Compliments Playing Cards

Fishing For Compliments Playing Cards

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This theme focuses on fish that thrive in fresh water and rivers. A series of beautifully illustrated aquatic characters that complete the range of prize catches.

The overall style of the cards converges art deco with bold vector art to create a unique and classic-looking deck.

The card faces are fully illustrated with fish from Two to King with the Wels Catfish as King.

I chose a fish hook design for the aces and the card backs are purple with a custom fishbone design.

The Joker card uses an old boot design and I've decided to keep the corners plain red and black.

This deck is printed by LEGENDS PLAYING CARD COMPANY and features a pearlescent shimmering tuck stock and Emerald finish card stock.

This deck was my first very Kickstarter project which I am proud to say was a success. This was long ago before I rebranded to Squiddle Ink.

This deck is in very limited supply.

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